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Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future

About Hortimare


Hortimare was founded in 2008 by entrepreneur Job Schipper

(MSc Wageningen University). He has a background in developing

plant science and is competent in research and development in

Algae & seaweed genetics, seedlings and production.


In 2010 the first employees were contracted and the research work photo © NIOZ

focussed on the seaweed lifecycle. To work towards our global aim

the Norwegian Hortimare AS was founded in 2012.


First successful production by Hortimare in Norway using a cultivation

infrastructure was realized in fjords in 2010.

This was in close cooperation with local salmon farm

Sulefisk AS and the cooperative Salmon Group.


Hortimare’s head count is now ten, including two marine biologists, photo © NIOZ

two technicians and an office manager.


The needed seaweed varieties are developed at the

Hortimare R&D Centre on Texel Island, The Netherlands

and in Solund (Norway) according to national/international legislation.


The R&D performed on Texel is in close cooperation with the NIOZ.

In Norway we colloborate closely with our customers by putting testlines

at their sites.













Hortimare Texel Facilities

© Taco de Bruin

Seaweed Centre @Texel


Hatchery Kverhella, Norway

Laboratory Texel, The Netherlands

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