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Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future

Our Concepts


With our Seaweed Genetics and Hatchery (G&H) we develop and sell seaweed juveniles, breeded for high contents and yields of marine proteins, mannitol, alginate and bio-active ingredients.


Our clients are seaweed farmers who value our consistent and high quality

of seaweed crop starting material (seed).


With our Integrated Aquaculture Service (IAS) we supply the service to

produce seaweed in the direct neighbourhood of salmon farms.

The seaweeds absorb significant amounts of the valuable nutrients

from the farm and are rich in proteins, mannitol and other ingredients.


In Norway we help salmon farmers in restoring the marine ecosystems by

improving bio-diversity and combat sea lice. The harvest of seaweed

is sold to our Seaweed Bio-Refinery Plant


In the Seaweed Bio-Refinery Plant (BRP) we process and refine the

seaweed and produce high quality protein for feed and food applications

(amongst others: feed for salmon) plus compounds for the global

chemical-, pharma- and nutraceutical markets.



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