Seaweed Genetics & Hatchery (G&H)





Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future

Seaweed Genetics & Hatchery (G&H)


At the laboratories both in The Netherlands at Texel and in Norway at Solund, experienced and dedicated marine biologists take great care of the breeding and propagation of seaweed. Hortimare now has a wide range of high quality starting material of various types of seaweed. Our employees work hard on the selection and breeding of the different species of seaweed for high contents of protein and yield.

The original seaweeds we propagate always originate from the region we grow them.


The multiplication of seaweed is a technical process; gametofytes* of seaweed are grown in a controlled way in our laboratory and at the desired stage are attached to different kinds of carrier materials such as twine, ribbon or just in suspension. The thin lines can be attached to heavy weight lines, nets or other carrier materials and can be placed in the sea.


* gametofyte: male and female intermediate stage in generative algae of seaweed.



Hortimare's supplies the following species selected per country and region. We are specialised in the cold water species with the highest potential of applications for compounds but for fresh consumption as well.


•Saccharina latissima: Sugar Kelp (NL: suikerwier, NO: Sukkertare)

•Alaria esculenta: Winged kelp, Dabberlocks (NL: vleugelwier, NO: Vingetang, Butare)

•Ulva lactuca: Sea lettuce (NL: zeesla, NO: Havsalat)

•Laminaria digitata: Oarweed, Fingerkelp (NL: vingerwier, NO: Fingertare)

•Palmaria palmata: Dulse (NO: Søl)


We are able to supply these localy derived species in Norway, Ireland, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Hortimare develops the juvenile seaweeds, attached to a carrier of your choice. You are then ready to have your seaweeds grow out to bio-mass either in landbased tanks or in open sea. Depending on the season, nutrients and other external factors, the harvest can be expected within 5-7 months. Kelps grows best over the winter season in most countries. Ulva performs better in summer.


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