CW Adsorbens





Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future

CW Adsorbens (Cleanwater) - Project Closed


This is a project that was subsidised by the Province Friesland, under the program "Regionaal Innovatie Programma Fryslân Fernijt III", and has run from 2012 up till and including 2013.

The exact details of the project can be found on this page:


Start Date: 1st of June 2012

End Date: 31st of August 2013

Duration: 15 months


Project Website: N/a


Project Aim/Goals:

The project aims are 2-fold, being:

1) Water purification: heavy metal removal to meet demands of Kaderrichtlijn Water

2) By-product: plant growth stimulator

The overall long-term aim is to develop an array of products from seaweed and algae for use in water purification and other applications.


Role of Hortimare within the Project:

Choosing the right seaweed for metal adsorption and for growth stimulator extraction




Feyecon Development & Implementation BV, Weesp, The Netherlands

Centre of Expertise Water Technology, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Afmitech Friesland BV, Joure, The Netherlands

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