Propagating Seaweed for a Sustainable Future

Profitable Sustainability


Hortimare is passionate about delivering a contribution to a better world.


Currently we are facing some serious global challenges:

  • An increase in global population demanding food richer in protein as meat and fish, replacing rice,

corn and cereals

  • Limited access to arable land and freshwater for increased food production
  • Climate changes from total global emissions of CO2


While agriculture has dominated the world production of food (measured as calories or protein), it is aquaculture that has the largest potential to meet the future increased demand for protein.

Challenges here are:

  • Bio-security, the fight against salmon-lice and other diseases
  • Secure sustainable sources of feed to meet growing demand


Salmon feed has traditionally been made from marine raw materials, but this is a limited source and threatening the marine foodchain. Share of terrestrial raw materials (soy) has increased to expense of the rainforest and is in competition with human needs.


Seaweed fields bring an unique and effective stabilising ecosystem close to the salmon farms and are at the same moment the answer to the increased need for protein for food and feed and the natural answer to increased bio-security and carbon capture.

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